Welcome to Ageing Well in Work

Ageing Well in Work is a European Commission funded project that aims to ensure that older people realise the health benefits of remaining active in later life through employment, volunteering and other forms of civic participation.

Greater Manchester Public Health Network and Public Health England worked in partnership to deliver Ageing Well in Work.

Ageing Well in Work has identified ten priorities for action to reduce the numbers of people who leave work because of health issues after the age of 50 years and help individuals remain healthy after retirement.

Download PDFFindings from Ageing Well in Work were presented at an International Conference in 2015, including clear evidence based recommendations to influence national policy as well as the basis for a new approach to helping older people remain active and engaged as they age, even if they have chosen to retire.

Ageing Well in Work: A Call to Action was published in November 2015 and presents the findings of the project.

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