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Mar 6

Opportunities and Challenges – An International Perspective

Greater Manchester Public Health Network and Public Health England are working in partnership to develop Ageing Well in Work, a major project to ensure that older people realise the health benefits of remaining active in later life through employment, volunteering and other forms of civic participation. Development of...

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Nov 25

International Conference

Ageing Well in Work: A Call to Action Ageing Well in Work: A Call to Action is an International Conference that will present the findings of a major project undertaken by GMPHN and Public Health England that aims to help older people realise the health benefits of remaining...

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Feb 4

Age-friendly workplaces: best practices in Europe

Please click here to register. Ageing Well in Work is hosting a webinar presented by Dr Marjo Wallin, Specialized Researcher, Finnish Institute for Occupational Health. Dr Wallin specialises in enabling longer working careers. She has studied age management practices in European organisations and developed an international digital evaluation tool for...

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Feb 25

Integrating Ageing Well in Work into the Workplace Wellbeing Charter

This half-day event will explore how employers can use the Workplace Wellbeing Charter to support health and employment aspects of mid-life identified by Ageing Well in Work. Ageing Well in Work has identified a range of  actions to reduce the numbers of people who leave work because of...

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Nov 6

Who wants to work forever? Work, retirement and wellbeing in later life

The population is ageing. Today, about 10 million people living in the UK are aged 65 years +. This is expected to increase by 50% by 2050. As people are living longer and fewer people are being born the government is seeking to encourage people to remain work...

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