Ageing Well in Work Conference: Presentations


 GM Work and Health Agenda Opportunities for growth in Greater Manchester: The work and health agenda
Wendy Meredith, Director of Population Health Transformation, Greater Manchester
 Normalising Normalising working with health conditions: Chronic disease and sickness absence management
Professor Stephen Bevan, Director, Centre for Workforce Effectiveness, The Work Foundation
 PHE perspective Ageing Well in Work: A PHE perspective
Dr Ann Hoskins, Deputy Director, Health and Wellbeing, Public Health England
Opportunities Grasping the opportunities as the population ages
Alexandra Gardiner, Strategy Lead, New Economy
 Carers perspective The Carer’s Perspective
Katherine Wilson, Strategic Manager, Employers for Carers
 Working Lives Extended Older Workers and Life Long Learning
Dr Martin Hyde, University of Manchester
Work engagement for seniors Work engagement for seniors: A randomised controlled field trial
Dr Marjo Wallin, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health
Retirement choices Choices in relation to retirement
Professor Roland Kadefors, University of Gothenburg
Ageing in GM Greater Manchester’s ageing hub
Katrina Hann, Head of Research, New Economy
Paul McGarry, Age-friendly Programme Lead, Manchester City Council
Age is just a number Focusing on what the individual can do: An asset based approach
Katya Halsall, Eclectic Human Solutions
 Work4Health Upstream healthy work conversations: Using a biopsychosocial approach
Christine Parker and Rachel Martin, University of Salford


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